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A new framing for cloud innovation

Four potential scenarios for the future of cloud innovation strategy

Over the next five years, expect cloud computing to trigger significant transformation across all industries, sectors, and domains. The need for greater business agility, new products, enhanced data strategies, and advances in software engineering and platforms will drive this transformation. Yet, business investment in the cloud doesn’t match these goals.

The future of cloud requires an approach that aligns cloud innovation strategy with future business goals, enables leaders to make the decisions they need now to create innovative futures, and reconciles competing business needs with technical and financial considerations.

A new framing for cloud innovation explores four possible scenarios that will shape the future of an organization’s cloud innovation. These are:

  • Reactive responders are concerned with optimizing their operational infrastructure to achieve greater resilience and integrity across the organization's solutions.
  • Experience innovators focus on improving product and marketing solutions as well as creating unique, engaging, personalized, and targeted customer experiences.
  • Proactive data defenders seek to use cybersecurity and governance as a competitive differentiator and a means of creating resilient operations and workforces, as well as customer experiences that foster trust.
  • AI-fuelled entrepreneurs aim to bring together mature workforce and customer operational strategies with mature data solutions to implement artificial intelligence (AI) across the organization.

Read A new framing for cloud innovation to learn more about the four possible scenarios.

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