The Smart Factory by Deloitte @ Montreal

Accelerating the adoption of smart operations in Canada

The future of production and supply chains is becoming increasingly digital. Through the use of emerging technologies and innovative capabilities, smart factories—responsive, adaptive, and connected systems—are leading the transformation of manufacturing operations and supply networks.

What does that look like? It looks like The Smart Factory by Deloitte @ Montreal—a cutting-edge experience centre that helps visitors visualize how a fully automated factory and warehouse can bring efficiencies to their business operations, scale capabilities across their value chain, and help them stay competitive.

Using smart technologies from sponsors and alliance partners, including AWS, Siemens, and Cisco, The Smart Factory offers visitors simulations, demos, workshops, and real-world examples to enhance their understanding of how they can make improvements in areas such as:

  • Production capacity optimization
  • Quality assurance
  • Cost reduction
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Asset efficiency
  • Labour requirements
  • Service lead times
  • Order accuracy

Discover the possibilities of digitalization, automation, and artificial intelligence and visualize how to chart a digital industrial transformation journey—and maybe even lead the way in ushering in Industry 4.0 manufacturing operations in Canada.

The Smart Factory by Deloitte @ Montreal

To learn more about The Smart Factory by Deloitte @ Montreal and our tailored visitor programs, such as assembly-line simulations and warehousing asset demonstrations, reach out to one of the contacts below.
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