The smart warehouse experience


The smart warehouse experience

A global centre of excellence for all things warehousing

In the current ever-accelerating business landscape, expectations for operational efficiency and adaptability are high. Customers demand shorter lead times, for example, and their demands will continue to increase in intensity. To respond to these needs, companies are turning to smart warehouses, where warehousing expertise and the newest technologies come together to bring the sector to the next level.

A showcase for cutting-edge warehousing technology, the smart warehouse experience, based in Montreal, is a new innovation centre that enables visitors to learn about and experiment with an array of live smart technologies in a fully automated warehouse.

To bring it to life, our specialized warehousing team brought together the most qualified and renowned innovators from around the world to create an extensive, collaborative ecosystem of operations.

For example, trailer-unloading automated guided vehicles (AGVs), automated high-density storage, order-picking robots, and eco-friendly automated packaging are all managed by the latest software technologies. Every step of a visitor’s journey inside the smart warehouse experience is an opportunity to learn about another aspect of this specialized smart technology and how it can contribute to faster, more efficient operations.

A flexible, tailored experience

Starting in January 2023, this innovation center will welcome business leaders looking to bring their warehousing operations into the future today. Since no two companies are at the same stage of their digital transformation journey, each visitor experience in the immersive environment is unique tailored to satisfy their needs, objectives, and expectations. The smart warehouse experience is part of The Smart Factory @ Montreal, a showcase of the most advanced manufacturing plant technologies.

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