Become one with your data

One click and you're done.
Zero frustrations.

Access decision-critical data without ever navigating to or from your enterprise system.
Everything you need to make faster, better decisions is on one CleverAnt screen.

One-Click Access to Data

Stop the senseless clicking! With one click, everything you need to make informed decisions is readily available.

Support Current Processes

No more standard reports. Maintain unique processes, reduce resistance to change and boost user satisfaction

Make Work Lives Easier

Everyone's happier with instant, easily accessed data assembled in one place. Improve accuracy, forecasting and planning.

There's a CleverAnt solution just for you.
Click on your industry and get streamlined.


Excel add-on that connects with data sources

View, track and edit data in CleverAnt Workspace. Generate customizable reports. Make informed and timely decisions.


Enjoy your workday


Easy-to-use & deploy
You know and love Excel, so there's little to no training and costs significantly less than customization.


Making work lives better
No more clicking, copy/pasting. Time-consuming data entry, compilation, and aggregation tasks are eliminated so you can work happy!


You're in control
You decide how and what information to view. Update, analyze and validate information with just one click in Excel and you're done!


Deployed "Anyway you want it"
Give users full access to CleverAnt OR limit the user's ability to manipulate Excel with CleverAnt LEAF. CleverAnt is also available on the cloud.


Automation is key
Say bye-bye to manual, repetitive and time-consuming processes and hello to automated operations!


Accessed Anywhere
Remote workers feeling disconnected? Users can access CleverAnt while in the field where connectivity is not possible. Gather scheduling data as it happens.