Make proactive decisions and manage DOT Compliance in real-time from ONE Excel report

Strict Department of Transportation (DOT) Hours of Service (HOS) regulations has made life more difficult for the transportation industry. CleverAnt regains time and efficiency by providing real-time data that allows dispatchers to proactively prevent violations before they occur. CleverAnt has made DOT compliance an automated, uncomplicated process.

For companies operating commercial motors vehicles and transportation companies using Kronos Workforce Central®, CleverAnt:


Automates workforce management and regulatory complexities


Simplifies DOT compliance


Provides real-time insight, preventing HOS violations before they occur


Eliminates repetitive and time-consuming tasks


Improves operational visibility to quickly react to changing conditions


CleverAnt for Kronos Workspaces

Hours of Service (HOS) for Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers who drive a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) must comply with DOT HOS regulations. With CleverAnt, no need to manually enter hours when everything is automatically accessed, updated and managed from one Excel report. Compliance made easy!


Workforce Management Compliance Reporting

With simplified and custom reporting all done in Excel, accuracy and timeliness is improved. Managers have better information that in turn enables better, faster decision-making.


Drivers Planner

Ensure that you have enough driver availability to cover peak hours. Quickly, easily view and fix bottleneck areas where there is insufficient availability or qualification. Pro-actively plan your coverage for optimal scheduling.


Vacation Planner

Set quotas and manage employee vacation requests from one screen. Approve or deny requests based on established quotas. Sort requests to view who submitted first, most senior employee, etc. And it’s all done directly in Excel.