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Organization Transformation

Align your workers, customers, technology, business, and strategy to reposition your organization for a sustainable future.

The world of work is changing quickly, with rapid advances in technology, ways of working, and customer and employee expectations. Whatever the underlying causes, the challenge remains the same: how can you align your teams, your leaders, and your talent with your business, technology, and customer strategies so that you can transform your organization and ensure it continues to evolve?

Our organization transformation practitioners help you reimagine your organization so that it can better respond to internal and external forces. Relying on insights from our innovative tools and resources, such as ChangeScout and adaptable organization network analysis (AONA) as well as behavioural economics, we offer data-driven people solutions to power your transformation agenda and achieve high-impact and sustainable change.

Our organization design practitioners explore how your company can realign and redefine the capabilities, structure, accountabilities, and interactions required to deliver value for the business. And our transformational change practitioners bring an award-winning approach to ensure you achieve your organizational business outcomes. They’ll help you establish and share your vision for transformation; identify, communicate, and manage the impact on workers; help executives to lead by example; and provide employees with the skills to adapt and adopt new ways of working.

These Deloitte professionals have broad experience, deep knowledge, and practical business acumen, who use leading-edge technology solutions, insights, and analytics to bridge the gaps from strategy to execution to enduring sustainability.

And that’s long-lasting success, in a nutshell.

Key contacts

Victoria Bovaird

Victoria Bovaird

National Organization Transformation Leader

Victoria is a Partner at Deloitte within Human Capital Consulting. She leads the National Organization Transformation Practice and has over twenty years of experience in the UK and Canada helping orga... More