Bettor perspectives

How organizations can win in the new world of Canadian sports betting

In August 2021, Canada’s federal government legalized single-event sports betting. Provinces and territories can now offer and regulate this activity as they see fit. Not only does this legislation allow for better protection of consumers, but Deloitte Canada also estimates it could catalyze $28 billion in legal market wagering over the next five years—activity that could also be monitored and taxed appropriately.

The legalization of sports betting has presented a significant opportunity—how can industries in Canada take advantage? Understanding bettors’ perspectives and behaviours will be critical.

To uncover their motivations, we conducted an online study that surveyed
over 1,000 Canadian adults about their past and future sports-betting and other
gaming activities, sports fandom, and consumer-experience preferences. The
results provide a range of insights into the actions and expectations of sports
bettors overall, clarifying the factors that separate ardent, casual, and
potential bettors. Understanding these groups is the first step in effectively
engaging each of them.

The legalization of single-event sports represents a significant and exciting opportunity for the country’s sport, entertainment, and gaming sectors.

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