Fresh, focused, and sustainable

The role of the grocery store

The future of food: a Canadian perspective

The grocery store is in the midst of a great transformation, powered by Canadians’ changing food consumption patterns and preferences and accelerated by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers are striving to make healthier food choices, searching for convenience, and focusing on the impact of their food decisions on environmental sustainability. Food retailers and consumer packaged goods companies are already working to realign their strategies and operations to meet their consumers’ rapidly evolving needs, with the store at the front line of their efforts.

The speed at which Canadians’ lifestyles and behaviours have changed—and continue to change—is forcing food retailers to accelerate change. The impact can be seen across the grocery store through:

  • Changing formats
  • Updating product assortments
  • Embracing online shopping
  • Reimagining interiors

Fresh, focused, and sustainable: The role of the grocery store, the second in our series about the future of Canada’s food sector, Deloitte explores how Canadian consumer trends are changing and what that means for food retailers—and the role of the store in particular.

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