Tills will ring this holiday season!

2019 Deloitte holiday retail outlook

Our 2019 holiday retail spending forecast explores consumer shopping behaviours, attitudes, and preferences retailers need to know about during the upcoming holiday season. The findings are based on a national online survey of more than 1,000 Canadian consumers across age groups, financial situations, and geographic regions.
Top 5 key findings
  1. Amazon is the top destination for holiday shopping and 60% of consumers plan to research holiday purchases on Amazon. 
  2. Social media influencers aren’t especially influential; just 14% of consumers trust influencers and 6% trust celebrity endorsements; compare that with friends 79% and family 72%. 
  3. Consumers are planning on making six trips to stores and seven “visits” to online retailers this holiday season; 78% of consumers will be visiting the same stores as last year. 
  4. Boxing Day/Week might be losing its allure; only one in three shoppers plan to shop these sales. 
  5. Don’t expect cannabis under the tree; consumers plan to spend only 2% of their holiday entertaining budgets on cannabis.

Overall consumer outlook is positive despite pending economic risks; Canadians plan to spend the same or more during the holidays this year compared with last year.

The data shows retailers need to focus on customers as individuals by understanding their needs and preferences and enhancing associates’ skills to be able to guide and support customers along the path to purchase—whether the actual purchase is completed in-store or online. From the holidays to regular days, these actions can help retailers thrive year-round.

For more information, or if you have questions regarding the outlook, please contact Marty Weintraub directly.

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