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Brave New Market

The cannabis industry continues to be a brave new market. It’s moving forward quickly, globalizing rapidly, and entering a new phase of more mature development locally and internationally. It’s a time of rapid change and great opportunity. Our latest content series unpacks both, helping companies prepare for the future and developing strategies to overcome tomorrow’s challenges. It’s time to grow and thrive in this exciting industry.


We shed light on the modern cannabis industry, the people shaping its direction, and the challenges this Brave New Market faces in the future. Watch our two short documentaries to find out more.

The seed-to-sale cannabis journey

Understand how new technology can be used to ensure quality control at every step of the supply chain as Shoppers Drug Mart and TruTrace explain how blockchain helps them maintain a safe and consistent product.

Pioneering in craft cannabis sector

Take a closer look at the craft cannabis cultivators and the dynamic shifts they’re leading within the industry. We spotlight BC Craft Supply Co., a company helping small-batch growers across Canada join the legal market.


Our podcast breaks down the business side of cannabis, as we talk to the people shaping the industry today. Tune in and dive into the issues impacting the world of cannabis.

Episode 1: Grow, smoke, eat: The future of cannabis
Jennifer Lee and Deborah Rosati discuss the challenges of Cannabis 2.0.
Episode 2: Professionalizing, diversifying, revitalizing
Jennifer Lee and Deborah Rosati join us again to talk governance and diversity.
Episode 3: Governance, missteps, and scandal
Hear about the highs and lows of cannabis from Rishi Malkani and Bruce Linton.
Episode 4: The first-mover advantage and the future of wellness
Rishi Malkani and Bruce Linton are back as we look towards Cannabis 3.0 and beyond.


Use our quick-read articles to gain a fresh perspective on some of the issues companies should consider as they prepare to thrive in the cannabis industry of the future.

International growth in the brave new market

Cannabis continues to be a highly regulated industry, but with the right resources and support there lies an opportunity for innovation, prosperity, and sustainable growth.

Governance in the cannabis industry: A directors guide

Investment continues to flow into the cannabis sector, but to be successful boards must maintain constant vigilance and take careful, deliberate steps to adapt and evolve.

CBD : Why bother now? Get the facts and get ready

The market opportunity for CBD is too large to ignore. It has tremendous potential to drive product innovation and new growth for the CPG sector. Act now.

Talent strategies for the cannabis industry

In this article, we explore three key areas Canadian cannabis companies should focus on to build a strong human capital foundation that will enable their future success.

Value drivers in a dynamic cannabis market

We look at how investors and producers can harness more value in the fast-evolving Canadian medical and recreational markets

Rishi Malkani, Partner

Rishi is a partner in the M&A Transaction Services Group. He is the lead partner managing the Cannabis practice in Canada. Rishi has over a decade of experience advising both strategic and financial sponsor clients in a variety of capacities. Rishi specializes in delivering strategic advice, comprehensive due diligence, buy and sell-side advisory services and deal structuring advice.

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