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Nurturing new growth in Canada’s cannabis sector

All eyes remain on Canada as it prepares for the next phase of cannabis legalization—a step that will keep the country firmly at the vanguard of a societal revolution and a new industry exploding with potential.

Deloitte’s Centre for cannabis covers Canada’s cannabis industry, from legalization to alternative products and the opportunities ahead.


Deloitte’s third annual Cannabis Report entitled Nurturing new growth focuses on the introduction of new cannabis products and new market opportunities for edibles, beverage, and health, and wellness companies as a wider assortment of cannabis formats become available over time.

Nurturing New Growth

Canada gets ready for cannabis 2.0

A society in transition, an industry ready to bloom

The world is watching as Canada steps into the spotlight as the first G7 country to legalize recreational cannabis nationwide.

The Canadian cannabis industry: executing the deal

Deloitte expects total Canadian cannabis sales to exceed $7 billion in 2019 after legalization

Nielsen, Headset and Deloitte announce a strategic alliance to provide data & insights to legal cannabis market in Canada

Jennifer Lee, Partner

Jennifer is Retail & Consumer Analytics Practice Leader. She is the lead partner managing the Cannabis sector for Deloitte. She advises global and Canadian retail clients and focuses on assisting senior executives in developing insight-driven strategies to deal with an increasingly connected consumer and complex business issues embedding Advanced Analytics into her clients’ business to deliver a one-brand experience.

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