Retail, Wholesale & Distribution

As the pace of change continues to accelerate in the retail industry, we believe that retailers need to adapt their business to keep up more than ever. Our Retail practice is constantly innovating in order to better help our clients succeed well into the future.

Our team of experienced professionals strives to be the #1 business advisor to retailers, whose challenges we help address through:

  • Technology strategy and architecture: Design and implementation of technology modernization programs—ranging from merchandise management systems and supply chain planning to execution packages and full-scope enterprise solutions.
  • Digital customer experience innovation: Digital transformation that increases the focus on customers and drives operational efficiencies through omnichannel, e-commerce, and in-store technology.
  • Business strategy development and execution: Strategic growth plans that help retail companies reach new customers and markets, develop new channels, launch new products and services, and transform their in-store operations.
  • Cost optimization: Save-to-grow plans that help leaders identify where and how they can fund the investments required to grow and scale.
  • Organization transformation: Future-of-work programs that facilitate change management mandates and help develop new operating models.
  • Deloitte’s digital assets: Proprietary solutions that help retailers solve a wide range of pressing business problems.

Our team has the ability to provide end-to-end services, from strategy right through to implementation. To date, we have served the 10 largest retailers in the world and 85 percent of the top retailers in the Fortune 500, working alongside our clients to help them embrace and advance digital, maximize efficiency, and accelerate growth.

The future of the mall

Building a new kind of destination for the post-pandemic world.

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COVID-19: Voice of Canadians and impact to retailers

To help the retail industry move forward in these incredibly difficult times, Deloitte Canada explores how Canadians’ shopping and spending habits are changing in light of this global pandemic.

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It’s time to jumpstart the evolution of the delivery ecosystem

It’s no longer enough to compete on price, quality, or even on the seamlessness of the customer experience; today, companies must compete on the increase demands for speed and convenience of delivery of e-commerce purchases. The last mile matters more than ever.

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2019 Deloitte holiday retail outlook

Our 2019 holiday retail spending forecast explores consumer shopping behaviours, attitudes, and preferences retailers need to know about during the upcoming holiday season.

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Retailing cannabis: Industry insights

The world has watched Canada become the world’s first developed country to legalize recreational cannabis nationwide.

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The Amazon-Whole Foods acquisition: Six competitive realities for retailers

The Amazon-Whole Foods acquisition is a wake-up call for retailers who’ve downplayed the impact of Amazon’s past strategic moves. It’s time to face facts: Jeff Bezos has disrupted the retail landscape (again).

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Connected stores – are you ready?

What is a store of the future? This is one of the smartest question’s retailers can ask themselves today and one we hear often.

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The future of retail metrics

The evolution of the retail landscape has changed how marketers drive growth and measure success.

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