The Age of With™: The future of energy, resources, and industrials with AI

How artificial intelligence and digital technology can transform the ER&I sector

Artificial intelligence will change the way we work, the way we communicate, the way we make decisions, and the way we interpret the world. But whether AI makes us better businesses—and better people—is in our hands.

In our The Age of With series, we discuss how to create a world where human capabilities are enhanced by AI. This automated world will not create itself. People must dare to reinvent themselves and open up to change. We are ready to go wherever our shared intelligence can take us. Make the journey with us.

Our second instalment in the series, The future of energy, resources, and industrials with AI, focuses on the potential for digital transformation in the energy, resources, and industrials (ER&I) sector. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0)—which includes the emergence of smart autonomous systems powered by data, analytics, and artificial intelligence—will drive that change. Companies now have access to digital capabilities and the potential to accelerate near-term benefits and long-term sustainable growth.

With the new AI revolution, companies must rethink how they operate and conduct business, from the boardroom to the field. Our report highlights the practical value of technology in the ER&I industry, illustrating it with case studies that focus on the application and operations of AI.

Now is the time for the ER&I industry to move toward a more connected, efficient, and profitable industry with AI.

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