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Features and benefits


dTrax drives the repapering process when regulatory changes trigger large-scale contract reforms. Repapering projects driven by LIBOR transition, Brexit, initial margin, and M&A activities generate comprehensive, high-volume amendment agreements. dTrax’s AI-powered engine simplifies this process.


Automate and streamline the whole contract generation, negotiation, and execution process. Use real-time insights and reporting to unlock the business value of your contracts.

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dTrax can extract key data points from your archive of existing contracts with AI-driven advanced natural language processing. It will then package these analytics in fully customizable reports and dashboards so you have a 360° view of insights you can use.


Work with our team of legal professionals, software developers, and product designers to tailor dTrax to your unique requirements.

Accelerates contractual processes to help you negotiate deals more quickly with clients and suppliers.

Optimizes workflow by creating standardized templates and automating the first draft of agreements.

Manages the full negotiation process and consolidates all executed contracts in one place.

Minimizes risk by embedding your organization’s playbooks into dTrax with micro-version control and audit trail features.

Extracts contract-related data and integrates it with your business data. This allows you to diagnose problems, identify opportunities, and drive value for your organization.

Why choose dTrax?

  • Legal

    dTrax provides great visibility, security, and control to improve legal productivity and increase contract compliance, all without sacrificing the speed and agility the business needs. Find out how dTrax can help organizations during LIBOR transition.

  • Sales

    dTrax enhances the experience of your client by accelerating the sales process, enabling an increased time to revenue while reducing risk and keeping the focus on business delivery.

  • Operations

    dTrax optimizes business operations by eliminating inefficiencies in the contracting process.

  • Procurement

    dTrax delivers organizational savings by streamlining the entire contract lifecycle to increase visibility, ensuring contract compliance, and enabling lightning-speed business transactions.

  • Finance

    dTrax reduces costs by using data to drive your decision-making. Mitigates risk while supporting business transactions that decrease financial clutter.

  • Corporate IT

    dTrax increases an organization’s technology adoption by integrating seamlessly with legacy systems, enabling increased cybersecurity and streamlined business transactions through automated processes.

The team

Shelby Austin

Shelby Austin

Managing Partner, Omnia AI and Growth Investments

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Dina Kamal

Dina Kamal

Risk AI Leader

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Phil Symonds

Abrar Huq

Senior Manager, Omnia AI, dTrax Lead

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