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What CyFi APM offers

CyFi APM (attack path modelling) increases your ability to stop attacks before they occur. It predicts possible attack paths within your network, helps to prioritize your patching efforts, and supports an evaluation of your control resilience.

CyFi APM solution capabilities:

What CyFi IAM offers

CyFi IAM (identity access management) forms insights that help your organization keep its access-related risk in check. That means you’re more empowered to enhance operational efficiencies, reduce cyber risk, and contain the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

CyFi IAM solution capabilities:



APM can link the core predictions, pre-conditions, and post-conditions of potential attacks to multiple vulnerabilities, threats, and scenarios, which helps you determine what an adversary is likely to do next.


The APM network scanner uses search algorithms to map out and dynamically adjust the network topology based on client data. The APM knowledge base enriches this data so security analysts have the option to experiment with the network graph and see the resulting impact.


APM can correlate attack techniques and generate feasible attack paths by identifying vulnerable assets across your network. It will also generate an associated risk score.


APM computes the best course of action according to known security controls to reduce your risk score. It will drive a preventative threat strategy for the whole organization.


You can integrate APM with existing ticketing platforms. It will support common file formats to orchestrate data ingestion and remediation efforts.


APM offers an inclusive profiling model that capitalizes on threat intelligence, allowing organizations to focus their security test scenarios.


Provides a holistic view of your infrastructure, ensuring alignment with your business strategy, risk appetite, and budget.

On-demand reporting helps you manage your security operations strategy through cyber threat insights.

The recommendation engine allows you to determine your riskiest assets and offers guidance in prioritizing your re-patching efforts. This helps you better protect the crown jewels of your network.

Offers a visual analysis of your organization’s cyber-risk landscape, another tool to help you act on security measures to prevent attacks before they happen.

The profiling model gives you the capability to run simulated attacks and likeliest scenarios so you can identify where to focus your cybersecurity measures.


Role maintenance

IAM allows you to make informed and intelligent data-driven decisions, meaning you can update or change the existing access definitions of each employee with the support of advanced analytics.

Role mining

IAM gives you access to multiple data sources so you can extend the performance of role maintenance to include mining new roles; it also recommends new access compositions.

Live access usage

IAM provides you with a holistic summary of entitlement usage in relation to entitlement access data.


IAM uses data from your system to compute impact scores, providing the logical context for analysts and managers to make evidence-based decisions.

The data science algorithm can be tailored to your organization to make the most relevant recommendations for your priority KPIs.

Workflows can be configured to match the unique needs of your organization.

IAM integrates seamlessly with platforms such as Sailpoint and Oracle to automate the analysis and implementation of access.

Why choose the CyFi Suite?

  • Intelligence

    CyFi harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to provide your organization with the advanced analytics necessary to make data-driven decisions about the safety of your network.

  • Visual

    With its user-friendly interface, CyFi helps you clearly visualize the landscape of your assets.

  • Non-invasive

    Not only does the CyFi Suite integrate seamlessly with your network, but it also allows you to test scenarios and configurations in a virtual environment without compromising your existing system.

  • Finance

    By streamlining cybersecurity tools and procedures, CyFi means you ultimately spend less.

  • Operations

    The suite optimizes business operations by eliminating inefficiencies in cybersecurity practices and automating time-consuming manual processes.

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