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Deloitte Canada’s AI Institute hosts an ongoing series of webinars showcasing the latest developments in AI and explorations into real-world implementations. Here you can also view past webinars. To be invited to upcoming sessions, please connect with us.

Launch event: Image recognition

Professor Geoffrey Hinton, one of the world’s most influential researchers on AI and neural networks, shares his latest findings on Image Recognition.

Trustworthy AI

Canadians must trust AI to welcome it into their lives. Discover how organizations are identifying ways to mitigate risk and build trust with AI.

Natural language processing (NLP)

We explore how organizations in different sectors (healthcare, automotive and public sector/federal FSI) are using NLP to improve how we communicate.

AI and financial services

Discover how financial institutions are investing in AI to help make better investment decisions, enhance fraud detection, and elevate their service.

Scaling MLOps

Explore how organizations are scaling model development and operations by using machine learning operations(MLOps).

AI transforming retail

Discover how leading retailers are using AI to transform the consumer experience.

AI and health care

Learn how AI is being implemented in health care to enhance medical diagnosis, accelerate research efforts, and improve clinical workflows.

Education and AI

Explore how AI tackles some of the biggest challenges in education, drives innovation in teaching and learning, and transforms the workforce.


AI insights revealed

Here are all of Deloitte Canada’s latest explorations into the world of artificial intelligence, looking at AI applications that will guide us towards a world where humans and machines work together to create a better tomorrow for all.


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Managing Partner
AI and Data (including Omnia AI)
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AI Institute Canada Leader
AI and Data (including Omnia AI)
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Manager AI Institute
AI and Data (including Omnia AI)