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Deloitte Canada’s AI Institute hosts an ongoing series of webinars showcasing the latest developments in AI and explorations into real-world implementations. Here you can also view past webinars. To be invited to upcoming sessions, please connect with us.


Episode 28

Reimagining the Future of Work with GenAI

Generative AI is set to change the future of work. Human capital experts from different industries come together to discuss how this new technology is impacting organizations.

Episode 27

Data Governance in the Era of Generative AI

Experts discuss the importance of data governance in today's digital age and how it has been impacted by the rise of generative AI.

Episode 26

Impact & Opportunities: Canada’s AI ecosystem – 2023

Experts discuss the current landscape of AI in Canada and key insights across 5 different themes.

Episode 25

Data Monetization

Explore how various industry sectors are monetizing their data to fuel enterprise growth and set strategic directions.

Episode 24

Generative AI - Energy, Resources & Industrials

Generative AI will disrupt, but it can also enhance performance and increase efficiency across the energy, resources and industrials sectors. Watch our industry experts tackle industry-specific use cases to learn more.

Episode 23

Generative AI - Consumer & Technology, Media and Telecom

Generative AI has the potential to augment and accelerate personalized customer journeys, dramatically accelerate product development and improve business competitiveness. Discover how as we explore use cases involving generative AI.

Episode 22

Generative AI - Government and Public Services

Governments use AI to build connections between people, systems and different government agencies. Now Generative AI has opened up new avenues for enhancing citizen services and increasing efficiency. Watch as we discuss industry-specific use cases. 

Episode 21

Generative AI - Financial Services Industry

From banking, insurance to asset management firms—generative AI has sparked interest, conversations and debate. But what will be its impact across this sector? Hear from voices in the market regarding industry-specific use cases. 

Episode 20

Recognizing Female Leaders in AI

Join us for a discussion with leading diverse AI voices focused on breaking biases and empowering the next generation of AI leaders.

Episode 19

Generative AI: Creativity for business impact

Discover why generative AI (GenAI) is creating such a buzz and explore how industries are unlocking this tool’s power.

Episode 18

AI in Aviation

Hear from leading organizations flying high on AI’s transformation of the aviation sector.

Episode 17

AI in science & healthcare

Learn how industries are benefitting from computer vision and designing novel uses for this technology. 

Episode 16

Gravity Challenge: AI in space exploration

The Gravity Challenge is about using space technologies, such as satellite imaging and the Internet of Things, to solve real world problems happening on Earth today. Hear how global teams from this challenge are de-risking the innovation process by working with a global network of experts.

Episode 15

Strengthening your data foundations for AI

Data that is protected, sharable, and trustworthy is just the beginning when it comes to uncovering insights that can guide your organizational growth. Hear how companies are establishing scalable data governance standards & policies in this webcast. 

Episode 14

Consumer personalization with AI

The voice of the customer is providing greater insights into personalizing the customer experience. This webcast will explore how AI is being used to operationalize customer driven processes and strategies.

Episode 13

AI in Investment Management

The operating environment for investment management firms continues to evolve by leveraging AI to augment traditional sources of investment management. Join us to see how organizations are using AI to extend beyond cost reduction and efficiency of operations.

Episode 12

Quantum computing

Quantum computing is set to play a key role across industries. Join us for an insightful discussion with the leaders who are positioned to define this new landscape.

Episode 11

AI in the public sector

AI is accelerating the transformation of public sector organizations to be more citizen-centric, more accountable, and more efficient. Join us to learn how to increase your org’s AI readiness.

Episode 10

AI for cyber

The frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks is driving demand for cybersecurity around the world. Explore how organizations are using AI to implement leading-edge technologies, legal frameworks, and training strategies to get ahead of these threats.

Episode 09

AI: Transforming supply chains

Discover how organizations are using AI to optimize their entire supply chain. From unlocking cost and revenue opportunities to increasing resilience, AI is setting a new standard for supply chains.

Episode 08

Education and AI

Explore how AI tackles some of the biggest challenges in education, drives innovation in teaching and learning, and transforms the workforce.

Episode 07

AI and health care

Learn how AI is being implemented in health care to enhance medical diagnosis, accelerate research efforts, and improve clinical workflows.

Episode 06

AI transforming retail

Discover how leading retailers are using AI to transform the consumer experience.

Episode 05

Scaling MLOps

Explore how organizations are scaling model development and operations by using machine learning operations(MLOps).

Episode 04

AI and financial services

Discover how financial institutions are investing in AI to help make better investment decisions, enhance fraud detection, and elevate their service.

Episode 03

Natural language processing (NLP)

We explore how organizations in different sectors (healthcare, automotive and public sector/federal FSI) are using NLP to improve how we communicate.

Episode 02

Trustworthy AI

Canadians must trust AI to welcome it into their lives. Discover how organizations are identifying ways to mitigate risk and build trust with AI.

Episode 01

Launch event: Image recognition

Professor Geoffrey Hinton, one of the world’s most influential researchers on AI and neural networks, shares his latest findings on Image Recognition.


Intelligent conversations

Discover our latest explorations of AI in action with our podcast series, showcasing the challenges and rewards in developing, deploying, and adopting AI solutions across a wide variety of use cases and organizations.

Episode 01

AI’s value to organizations

Rapid AI adoption has helped organizations boost profitability, increase efficiency and deliver value. We speak with Ozge Yeloglu, VP, Advanced Analytics & AI at CIBC, about practical applications of AI, highlighting opportunities and lessons learned.

Episode 02

Unleashing AI’s value in healthcare

AI is propelling changes in healthcare, from predicting disease to new drug development. Listen as Alan Miranda, Head of Market Engagement Excellence at Janssen, shares his AI insights and vision for the future.

Episode 03


Generative AI is inspiring imaginations and sparking conversations worldwide. Join Cohere’s Ivan Zhang and Jas Jaaj, Deloitte Managing Partner of AI and Data as they unpack what GenAI is and how it’s already making big business impacts across industries.

Episode 04

The Butterfly Effect of Digital Twins

Arthur Berrill, CTO of Royal Bank of Canada, speaks to us about digital twins, its various applications and why they have become synonymous with researching Climate Change.

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