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The AI Institute’s mission is to expand Canadians’ understanding of AI, guide the trustworthy development of powerful AI solutions, and facilitate knowledge-sharing by building a network of like-minded organizations.


Join us in the world of applied AI

AI is transforming organizational decision-making, creating efficiencies, building new capabilities and businesses, and powering sustainable, value-driving activities. Deloitte Canada’s AI Institute helps private- and public-sector organizations learn about their options while advocating for ethical AI use and educating Deloitte practitioners and Canadians on AI’s potential.


Sharing insights and experience

At the AI Institute, we share stories from the trenches to better empower organizations to develop, deploy, and adopt AI solutions quickly and responsibly. In our ongoing series of webinars, we explore new ideas, information, challenges, and results, highlighting how companies can use proven solutions to increase AI adoption and enjoy better business outcomes. The following is a sampling of recent events. We also invite you to explore all our past webinars, plus more of what we have to offer.

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Episode 25

Data Monetization

Explore how various industry sectors are monetizing their data to fuel enterprise growth and set strategic directions.


Episode 24

Generative AI - Energy, Resources & Industrials

Generative AI will disrupt, but it can also enhance performance and increase efficiency across the energy, resources and industrials sectors. Watch our industry experts tackle industry-specific use cases to learn more.


Episode 23

Generative AI - Consumer & Technology, Media and Telecom

Generative AI has the potential to augment and accelerate personalized customer journeys, dramatically accelerate product development and improve business competitiveness. Discover how as we explore use cases involving generative AI.


We’re leaders in AI literacy

AI is no longer on the horizon. It’s here now, profoundly affecting how we live, work, and do business. That’s why we’re constantly upskilling Deloitte’s AI-sector associates and practitioners through AI courses. That’s why we’re empowering clients by boosting the AI literacy of their executives and teams with Deloitte’s AI Academy—an initiative that aims to help bridge the technology talent gap—using our methodology to create both stronger supply and demand for AI. That’s why we’re elevating AI across the country, helping to light the way toward an AI-empowered future for all Canadians.


Unlocking AI’s potential

Deloitte has built thousands of machine-learning models and dozens of AI products to help clients adopt staff-machine teams. Driven by our customers’ needs, these AI solutions aim to deliver better business outcomes, empowering companies on their AI journeys. Here are a few examples.

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Proactively protects organizations from internal and external cybersecurity threats to reduce risks in their network. CyFi Suite provides AI-enabled real-time vulnerability identification, simulation, analytics and network role maintenance.

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Designed for the financial services industry, Acquisition AI understands and profiles target markets, identifies potential growth areas and optimizes growth initiatives, boosting performance relative to competition.

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Health 360 boosts the efficiency of healthcare systems by providing actionable data-driven insights using analytics modeling and visualizations, helping shift organizations towards improved patient care.

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Producing the future today

The AI Factory creates solutions that combine business intelligence with the power of AI, continually learning, evolving and driving change.

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Collaborating to accelerate AI adoption

Our alliances with academic organizations, not-for-profit AI superclusters, tech start-ups and industry vendors help us collectively work towards igniting AI curiosity and knowledge across the country and around the world. This ecosystem allows us to advance knowledge of topical AI issues through collaboration on research projects, joint initiatives and thought leadership on AI.


Join us in unlocking the potential of AI

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Jas Jaaj
Managing Partner
AI and Data (including Omnia AI)
As Managing Partner AI and Data, Jas leads the Deloitte AI Institute in Canada, championing the awareness and use of trustworthy artificial intelligence across the firm and in the marketplace.