The AI opportunity in sourcing and procurement

Opportunities in the market today

There is a wealth of raw information hidden across the whole source-to-settle lifecycle which has the power to help drive critical strategic, customer, and operational insights. But so far, the benefits of AI in sourcing and procurement have been largely untapped.

Our latest report, The AI opportunity in sourcing and procurement, highlights the different ways to implement innovation within sourcing and procurement departments.

Find out what AI solutions are possible for spend classification and enrichment, invoice and contract data extraction, contract life-cycle management, and compliance monitoring. Most importantly, though, learn how AI can fundamentally enhance global sourcing insights to transform organizational decision-making.

Tapping into your data and using the power of AI can help you create a more robust sourcing and procurement model that’s equipped to handle the constant demand for cost reduction and risk mitigation.

It’s time to start investing in the value of data. Explore the AI opportunity now.

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Euan Hunter Smillie
Manager, Omnia AI
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