Canada’s AI imperative:
Overcoming risks, building trust

AI has the potential to be the catalyst for an era of unprecedented innovation, progress, and prosperity. Yet Canadians still do not truly understand AI, or see how its benefits outweigh the risks. We heard concerns about AI’s impact on privacy, security, bias, consumer protection and more – and Canadians are looking to business and government leaders to provide answers and solutions to those questions. Left unaddressed, this lack of trust could have a serious impact on Canada’s future prosperity.

This report outlines five key perceptions Canadians have about AI and examines the root causes of their distrust. While there’s no question AI presents its fair share of risks, this report highlights that it is possible to develop AI that reflects Canadian values—and promotes prosperity for all.

Read Canada’s AI imperative: Overcoming risks, building trust to learn more.

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Building and maintaining trust with Canadians

To help Canada and its businesses become trusted leaders in AI, we have identified five recommendations that address the concerns of Canadians and build trust in and understanding of AI.

Bring Canadian
values to the
Collaborate to
create the right
controls and
Prepare for
Inform, engage,
and communicate
Ensure AI
literacy is on
the agenda
AI needs inclusion, fairness, openness, and safety, values that Canadians hold dear.
  • Start with values and ethics
  • Creative inclusive teams – and use inclusive data
  • Act as a vocal leader and convener on global standards
Businesses and governments need to work in tandem to build the necessary guardrails to assure Canadians they’re working to prevent, detect, and repair AI breaches.
  • Proactively build oversight and accountability controls
  • Ensure the regulatory environment promotes trust and innovation
  • Create new legal frameworks for algorithmic accountability
As the use of AI in society increases, we will need to start reskilling and preparing the workforce to take up higher-value tasks and jobs in the long term.
  • Retrain employees if AI is going to change their jobs
  • Explore opportunities to redesign work to take advantage of AI and learning
  • Provide support for lifelong learning
Transparency can’t be a one-off activity. It means finding the right balance between information overload and keeping people in the dark.
  • Clearly articulate why AI is necessary
  • Make privacy an ongoing conversation
  • Engage the public and guide the conversation
Canada should lead the way in ensuring its population is AI-fluent and ready to put their understanding to use.
  • Build non-technical fluency among employees and executives
  • Make AI literacy a priority

Read more in the full report to learn more about Canadians’ trust in AI

Canada’s AI imperative series

AI is expected to be one of the leading economic drivers of our time, and Canada has the opportunity to be a global leader. We have the research strength, talent pool, and startups to capitalize, but that’s not enough if we truly want to lead in an AI-driven world and shape what it might look like. True leadership is required—that means taking steps now to establish a world-class AI ecosystem in Canada. Deloitte multi-part series on Canada’s AI Imperative provides a platform on which to engage business and policy leaders about what it will take for our country to claim a leadership position in an AI-driven world and to explore different dimensions of what an AI prosperity strategy could look like.

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