Meet CyFi APM: the AI solution that protects your digital crown jewels

Transform cybersecurity risk management

In today’s world, a single exploitable asset can compromise an entire organization. That makes preventing attacks critical for your business. CyFi APM (attack path modelling) is a strategic solution to help prevent attacks from occurring by giving you a line of sight into possible attack paths and lateral movement traversals within your network, making it easier to prioritize patching efforts and assess control resilience.

Using artificial intelligence, APM continuously learns from threat data and infers feasible attack techniques. It then generates the most effective options for remediation and risk mitigation, showing how each option affects asset risk scores.

Features and benefits of CyFi APM

APM predicts vulnerability and access-based attack paths to crown jewels. The basis for predictions are the pre-conditions and post-conditions of a technique. Conducting an exploit requires a certain set of pre-conditions to be met; upon successful exploitation, the threat actor is awarded a certain set of post-conditions. APM links this contextual information with multiple vulnerabilities, threats, and scenarios to one another and determine what the adversary is likely to do next.

The APM network scanner uses heuristic search algorithms to map out subnet structures and dynamically adjust the network topology based on client data, then enriches it with the APM knowledge base. Security analysts have the option to experiment with various elements of the network graph and see the resulting impact. Attack paths, traversals, and simulation options are visualized on the graph.

APM correlates attack techniques and generates feasible attack paths by identifying vulnerable assets across the enterprise network and producing associated risk scores. It also supports automated asset discovery and tagging.

To reduce risk scores and determine the path of least resistance, APM computes the best course of action, according to known security controls. It also drives preventative threat management strategy across the organization.

APM integrates with existing security automation and enterprise ticketing platforms, and supports common file formats in order to orchestrate data ingestion and remediation efforts.

APM offers an inclusive profiling model that uses threat intelligence, thereby enabling organizations to focus their red teaming operations. APM models are extensible and provide views into both adversarial and defensive data.

CyFi refers to Deloitte’s full suite of

AI-powered cybersecurity solutions

How can CyFi APM help you?

Chief information security officer
The CISO dashboard provides insight into your technology stack by measuring control effectiveness against contextual indicators. It gives you a holistic view of your infrastructure and ensures alignment with your business strategy, risk appetite, and bottom line.

Security operations manager
The on-demand reporting service can help you manage your security operations strategy through cyber threat insights. In addition, historical reports on discovered attack paths can be linked to past incidents and remediation actions for model-tuning and control effectiveness evaluations.

Security analyst/investigator
The APM topology, connectivity, and reachability graphs are powerful tools that give context to potential attack paths and ongoing investigations. The recommendation engine allows you to determine your most risky assets and offers guidance for re-prioritizing your patching efforts to protect your crown jewels.
The what-if analysis simulation engine, which supports the impact assessment of virtual vulnerabilities and threat indicators, allows for future exploits to be predicted and prevented. You can then visually analyze your organization’s cyber risk landscape and enact security control configurations accordingly.

Threat hunter/purple teams
The profiling model offers threat hunters the capability of visually focusing their red and blue teaming exercises by providing suggestions for attacks.

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