Meet CyFi IAM: The AI-enabled solution for identity access management

Manage access while minimizing risk

Managing access to an organization’s key applications and infrastructure assets among its employees is a fine art. Many factors must be considered, such as risk exposure and compliance policies. With an ever-increasing number of privileges across an enterprise’s landscape, organizations are struggling to understand and manage their access-related risks. According to recent research, 71 percent of users reported having access to applications they should not, and 62 percent of companies reported having no formal access request processes in place.

Recognizing the need to minimize enterprise risk related to identity access management, Deloitte developed a state-of-the-art solution called Identity Access Management (IAM) to enable organizations to proactively manage access across their key application and infrastructure assets. IAM also helps monitor the consumption of provisioned access among your employees and to identify access anomalies.

How can CyFi IAM help you?

It addresses common pain points in access management, including:

  • Lack of a sustainable role maintenance process, which could result in inappropriate access
  • Human analysis of complex data patterns may lead to sub-optimal role definitions
  • Time-consuming and manual role definition and/or maintenance processes result in low operational efficiency
  • Inadequate monitoring of access consumption, which yields little to no insight of real-time application and infrastructure usage

CyFi refers to Deloitte’s full suite of

AI-powered cybersecurity solutions

Features and benefits of CyFi IAM

  • Seamless integration with industry-leading IAM systems
  • Enhanced logical view of access to ensure that employees have appropriate access
  • Improved user experience in the organization’s IAM platform, with the right business context
  • Increased operational efficiency, including reduced administrative effort across business and technology lines
  • Takes into account compliance policies such as SOD rules
  • Provisioning traceability via real-time system reporting
  • State-of-the-art advanced analytics engine with a closed loop feedback mechanism to enable machine learning; can be configured to the organization’s preferences

Deployment approach

We will work with your key stakeholders to successfully deploy our CyFi IAM solution either on premise or in the cloud. We will then tailor the recommendation engine to ensure your organization’s specific risk key performance indicators are met and that the recommendations meet your business needs, thereby enabling you to efficiently manage identity access risks.

Exploration and alignment

  • Align on scope and key stakeholders
  • Enlist business and technology requirements

Application deployment

  • Secure necessary sign-offs from business and technology stakeholders
  • Prepare analytics data sets (data encryption and transformation)
  • Deploy the solution

Performance enhancement and scaling

  • Validate and optimize data science recommendations to meet your specific requirements
  • Plan to scale the IAM solution across business units and application

Contact us to request a demo or to learn more about CyFi IAM.

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