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Deloitte Greenhouse™

Break away from business as usual

The Deloitte Greenhouse propels clients to extraordinary results. It is a place for cultivation – of ideas, relationships, opportunities – to help our clients and our people achieve breakthroughs, disrupt the status quo and incite productive action.

Deloitte Greenhouse sessions draw upon principles from data analytics, behavioral science and group psychology, tackling a range of topics with leading edge facilitation and highly collaborate exercises. You will learn to solve pressing business challenges, uncover hidden opportunities and bring data alive in ways you never thought possible.

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Step into a global network of experienced facilitators that will help you tackle your toughest business challenges.

Experience your breakthrough at one of our three Deloitte Greenhouse locations in Canada, or on the road upon request.

Each experience at the Deloitte Greenhouse is customized to address your specific business challenges.

These are the topics our clients struggle with most frequently.

  • Alignment: You have a big, bold vision. How will you make it reality?
  • Analytics: You're drowning in data. How do you make it meaningful?
  • Digital: The world is constantly disrupted by digital transformations. How do you stay relevant?
  • Innovation: Your ideas may be getting stale. How can you spark new thinking?
  • Leadership: The world is full of potential. How will you realize yours?
  • Strategy: The world isn't getting any simpler. How will you navigate the complexity?
  • Transformation: You need to be better, faster, leaner. How can you make change happen?
  • Transition: You've made it to the top. Now what?

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