Capitalizing on the promise of artificial intelligence  

Perspectives on AI adoption from around the world

On an increasingly crowded AI playing field, which adopters will be most successful in capitalizing on the promise of AI and maintaining a competitive edge? Artificial intelligence has evolved from an esoteric research topic into a collection of powerful technologies with mainstream business promise and applicability. Deloitte’s global AI study finds that, in organizations adopting AI, more than 8 in 10 leaders see AI as ‘very’ or’ ‘critically’ important to their business success in the next two years.

What is driving this tremendous upswing? Many companies foresee AI helping to spur enormous productivity gains over the next decade and others believe that AI is poised to become a general-purpose technology that has pervasive affects across industries, can spark innovations, and actually change society as a whole.

Recent research from Deloitte global member firms, outlined in this report, looks at AI from a variety of global and industry perspectives, including Canada’s AI Imperative series. The article aims to shed light on how adoption is playing out around the world, and how adopters and governments view the potential – and risks – of AI technologies.

To learn more from businesses around the world on the benefits of adopting AI and the key elements that make some adopters most successful, access our global site to read the full report.

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