Five challenges for government adoption of AI

Why has widespread adoption of AI been slower in government than in the private sector?

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are quickly integrating into almost every aspect of our lives. This includes government, where AI is increasingly making an impact through online chatbots and algorithms, for example.

However, the widespread adoption of AI is slower in the public sector than it is in the private sector. Why?

There are five key roadblocks:

  1. Many public sector and government organizations have an elementary understanding of their data.
  2. Employees often do not possess the necessary AI and data management skills.
  3. The AI landscape is becoming increasingly complex and competitive.
  4. There is less encouragement for public sector employees to be innovative and take risks.
  5. AI algorithms require upkeep from the specific providers, which is an added cost for public sector organizations.

Read the full article published by the World Economic Forum here.

Key Contacts

Nihar Dalmia -
Senior Manager, Public Sector Leader, Omnia AI

Julian Torres Santeli -
Manager, Omnia AI

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