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Analytics at the Greenhouse

In the spring of 2017, the Greenhouse in Canada brought together experts from the UK and the USA practices to join our facilitators in running analytics-focused sessions for five different clients. Three clients share their highlights about co-creation, the importance of case studies that build toward strategic conversations, and how an immersive experience allows for greater creativity and out-of-box thinking.

Our objective as a company is to look at our data journey going forward.

                Anil Wijesooriya
                VP Portfolio Research, Analytics & Business Performance, Infrastructure Ontario


Disruption by design

Agile strategy for a constantly evolving world

To effectively outplay, out-compete, and outperform, organizations need the strategic flexibility to respond to real-time market conditions, economic disruptors, and consumer demands. Many have turned to analytics, digital, and innovation to reach these goals. Unfortunately, they too often confine their investments to technology solutions that end up operating in organizational silos, rather than devising a clear strategy that will turn their vision into reality. This approach is simply not sustainable.

To realize the full potential of analytics, innovation, and digital, these pillars must work together to drive business strategy. We call this disruption by design–the act of proactively disrupting a business to achieve meaningful breakthroughs and extraordinary outcomes. This alternative to siloed thinking leads to new strategies, new capabilities, new processes, and new operating models that deliver a rapid return-on-investment.

At the Deloitte Greenhouse, we bring disruption by design to life. We leverage this proven framework to help you develop ongoing dynamic, fluid, and agile strategy alternatives that deliver both measurable, short-term results while also fostering gradual organizational transformation over time.

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