Costs and effect

Returning your money to your business

Analytics can help your organization recover money you have lost and develop better contract governance. To learn more, read our three-minute guide.

Cost recovery analytics brings science to saving you money. By pairing your data with well-tested techniques, escalating budgets on large capital projects can be a thing of the past. Analytics help you uncover — and potentially recover — money that you may have lost. Moreover, the insight offered by analytics can help spot problems before they start.

Improve your bottom line

Improve your bottom line with processes that help you do the following:

  • Spot situations in which you may have overpaid, and provide the necessary proof to dispute costs.
  • Identify the source of past budget overruns and inefficiencies in order to negotiate more effective contracts in the future.
  • Develop project management skills and contract governance.

To learn more, download Deloitte’s Cost recovery analytics: The three-minute guide.

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