Impact and opportunities: Canada's AI ecosystem - 2023


Impact and opportunities: Canada's AI ecosystem - 2023

Today, Canada is undeniably one of the world’s leading players in AI. Our combination of talent, investment, and entrepreneurial spirit has enabled us to stand proudly on the global AI stage, outperforming many of our Group of Seven (G7) peers and other nations in AI talent concentration, research publications and growth in Canadian AI venture capital investments. We have accomplished a lot. But we are fast approaching a pivotal point in our development as an AI power—and we face a crucial choice.

We can be bolder, move faster, and invest more to move beyond AI exploration and experimentation, embracing and integrating AI across the Canadian economy. We can continue to be an AI leader with the power, prestige, and influence to directly shape the future of AI. Or we can rest on our laurels, act with caution and moderation in our efforts to embrace AI’s potential—and gradually cede leadership to countries more willing to move faster, more boldly, and more decisively to harness the power of AI.

Which is it going to be?

Impact and Opportunities: Canada’s AI ecosystem 2023 is a collaborative effort between Deloitte, the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR), Amii, Mila, and the Vector Institute. Our report provides a snapshot of the state of Canada’s national AI ecosystem for the 2022–23 period. Read on to understand how an evolving Canadian AI landscape is reshaping our comprehension and adoption of AI technologies and affecting how the country is viewed on the global stage.

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