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Omnia AI

Your business looks different when you see what AI can do.

We’ll show you how.

Seizing the AI opportunity

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer on the horizon. It’s here now, and it’s already having a profound impact on how we live, work, and do business.

Companies, governments, and organizations must embrace the idea of going places they simply cannot get to using current technologies and processes. AI can and will transform organizational decision-making, drive efficiencies, build new capabilities and businesses, and power sustainable, value-driving activities.

But like all revolutions in technology, capturing maximum value while simultaneously minimizing risk will require a strategic understanding of both what AI is, and how it aligns with your core business.

Artificial intelligence


1. The capacity of computer systems to perform tasks that traditionally required human input or intelligence.

2. A game-changer.

Who we are

We provide end-to-end AI solutions that solve complex business challenges and help our clients capture optimal value from AI.

We see new opportunities in emerging technologies that others don’t. And because we’re Deloitte, we’re trusted advisors who work to understand your organization’s objectives from all angles.

With over 450 practitioners in Canada, and supported by Deloitte’s vast global network, we are leaders in capitalizing on the full breadth and depth of AI.

Heard about AI Factory?

The AI Factory is where strategy meets intelligent design.

We coordinate and synthesize the powers of Omnia AI to create unique and targeted products that optimize the way a business works. Combining machine-learning capabilities with deep business and industry acumen allows us to solve complex problems and build tangible, enterprising solutions.

Through the AI Factory, you have access to trailblazing AI-driven products tailored to your needs that enable you to excel in the marketplace.

Our mission

We believe AI has the power to improve Canadian organizations in transformative ways— and we’ll work with you to make your business better. Omnia AI leads all others in starting, enabling, accelerating, and sustaining the AI journey.

It’s time to initiate your AI journey

AI can help maximize revenue, elevate experience, reduce cost, and mitigate risk. What’s holding you back?

The main difference between businesses that are not adopting AI and those that are, is that adopters don’t wait for the conditions to be right – they get started despite the challenges.

Understand AI better

Start your AI journey

Scale your AI operations

AI capabilities & services

Your AI journey starts and ends with your strategic business goals. We can help businesses identify their intended AI outcomes, then navigate the AI adoption journey from start to scale with confidence.


Educating, inspiring and guiding clients on how to adopt cutting-edge business practices to transform their organization.


Modernizing and transforming data management to enable at scale data centric solutions and AI Insights.


Developing tailored AI and Analytics solutions to meet specific client and organization needs.

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