Introducing SmartMD: The AI-enabled physician workflow solution

Improves the patient experience

The current strain on the health-care system, and physicians in particular, is unsustainable. In many parts of the world, an overwhelming shortage of physicians and a general lack of access to a primary care provider are being compounded by many factors, including:

  • Increase of administrative burden
  • Inability to efficiently engage with patients
  • Increase in chronic diseases and complex health problems
  • Increase of scientific knowledge

Digital health-care applications and electronic medical records (EMRs) have attempted to address these demands; however, they’ve failed to provide an engaging user experience. Furthermore, a lack of coordination between health-care providers and applications has led to:

  • Test duplication
  • Increased medical errors
  • Increased health-care costs
  • Hindered patient care

On average, physicians spend approximately six hours of an 11.4-hour workday on EMR data entry, with 4.5 of these hours taking place during clinical hours and about 1.5 occurring off duty.

How SmartMD addresses the problem

SmartMD is an innovative AI-enabled integrated technology solution designed to improve efficiency and reduce the administrative burden on health-care providers. The crux of the SmartMD is in its AI Scribe and decision support capability, which records conversations between a patient and a physician, converts the audio into freeform text, and then analyzes the text using AI and state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) to auto-populate forms in the electronic medical record. It then uses this information to mine the patient's health record to provide insights on diagnoses, treatment recommendations, and the next course of action—all in real time. This allows medical practitioners to focus more on the patient and make decisions based on data and evidence—in essence, more informed decisions.

Features and benefits

Amalgamation of a variety of smart tools, services, and applications

These include:

  • AI Scribe: Transcribes conversations and dictations and auto-populates data into the respective clinical fields using NLP
    • Reduces documentation burden through voice-recognition transcription and auto-population of health data into forms
  • MD Assist: Enables the clinician to recall health data and complete documentation using voice commands
    • Provides a practical time-saving service to care providers, and allows them to give their undivided attention to their patients
  • Smart Insights Engine: Provides AI-enabled decision support with personalized recommendations using health data and external-reference health information
    • Prompts care providers to use data-driven insights
  • Smart Read: Digitizes paper-based forms and contextualizes health data from the forms into their respective clinical fields
    • Reduces administrative burden on the staff and eliminates human errors

Seamless integration
SmartMD integrates with your key systems and target state repositories, and transfers key clinical information via APIs (HAPI-compliant) to ensure end-to-end data security.

Coherent clinical management
SmartMD allows practitioners to enrich data in accordance with SNOMED CT clinical descriptions, standardizing information storage and extraction.

Regulatory standards compliance
SmartMD streams the clinical information to target state repositories and systems in accordance with HL7 FHIR standards to ensure operational compatibility across several systems.

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