Deloitte and the Schulich School of Business have joined forces

Shaping the way to manage complex issues

If you have not already heard, Deloitte and the Schulich School of Business have partnered together to help shape the way modern businesses solve complex problems. Schulich’s global reputation is well established, and the success of their Masters of Business Analytics should be no surprise. Deloitte has invested in the future of this program by creating a first-of-its kind Cognitive and Analytics Visualization lab, which will occupy the second floor of Schulich’s newest building: The Rob and Cheryl McEwen Graduate Study & Research Building. With Deloitte’s sponsorship and vast industry analytics experience couple with industry sponsorship, the prestigious Schulich MBAN program aims to produce innovative and experienced Analytics and AI talent, in a way unlike any other.

About the Partnership

The Deloitte Cognitive Analytics and Visualization Lab develops tomorrow’s top analytical talent by giving students the tools and techniques to generate immense value from big data.

At the same time, world-class businesses and organizations turn to the Lab to transform their most pressing challenges into competitive advantages by submitting projects for Canada’s best and brightest analytics and AI minds to tackle.

The program and its lab develops tomorrow’s analytics and AI talent by applying advances in predictive analytics, natural language processing, machine learning, analytics design and visualization, as well as data-driven story-telling. The lab has become an integral part of Schulich’s Master of Business Analytics (MBAN) program, launched in 2012, the first of its kind in Canada and accredited globally.

Along with its founding support, Deloitte is also funding the position of a chief data scientist, who will lead analytics and AI applied research in collaboration with Deloitte and industry.

At the Lab, Schulich MBAN students will be working on projects for sponsoring companies, analyzing actual data to uncover insights and solutions to real-world challenges. Each Analytics Consulting Project (ACP) kicks off in September. Students spend the final two terms of their degree working closely with the company sponsoring their projects, creating key career connections while gaining real-world experience as they work towards actionable insights and solutions.

Each ACP project team comprises of three to five students, who will be leveraging the Lab’s proprietary analytics and AI platform to deliver outcomes and insights for your company’s business use case, guided the entire way by faculty advisors.

Why be a sponsoring organization?
  • World-class insights and tangible outcomes for your proposed business use case
  • Connect you to highly qualified analytics and AI talent for future recruiting
  • Exposure and access to high-caliber MBAN advisors
  • Enhances your relationship with Schulich School of Business and Deloitte
How can you get Involved?

Visit the lab website at and click on the “Start Here” button (at the bottom of the page of the “Client Experience” section) to submit your inquiries.

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