Safety analytics

Saving lives and the bottom line

Analytics can be used to identify factors that drive workplace incidents and predict accidents to help you develop effective prevention strategies.

Workplace safety is a growing concern among global CEOs in all industries. After all, an organization’s implementation of workplace safety programs directly affects its reputation, profitability and ability to attract and retain talent. Ineffective safety programs can have severe repercussions for those responsible for protecting workers.

Predictive modelling

Despite many organizations’ high level of investment in workplace safety, many have seen their safety performance statistics plateau, and continue to experience serious safety incidents and even fatalities.

To get to the root of the problem, organizations need a way to identify “causal factors” and predict the likelihood of future incidents before they occur. But traditional safety reporting can only describe what is occurring, it cannot explain why those events occur.

This is where advanced data analytics comes in.

Read Workplace safety analytics or access articles on safety analytics in the Mining Journal and learn how your organization can develop effective prevention strategies and achieve better safety outcomes by applying predictive modelling techniques to identify the factors that drive workplace incidents.

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