Analytics tools

How analytics can help you maximize the value of data.

HIVE. – Highly Immersive Visual Environment

The Deloitte Analytics team uses the collaborative environment of the Deloitte GreenhouseTM to host clients and demonstrate the possibilities of analytics using the state-of-the-art Highly Immersive Visual Environment (HIVE) technology. In this physical and interactive environment, clients and/or partners can engage with their own real data or sample data, see examples using real client case studies of analytics applied, and ultimately, learn how analytics can solve their most pressing business challenges.

While our HIVE sessions rely heavily on technology, that’s only part of the story. We know our clients can get a technical demonstration of technology from many different sources. In addition to bringing together a wide variety of competing technologies, the real value we offer is in helping executives connect these technologies and approaches back to their business issues.

Here are some of the specific activities and services our clients can take part in at the HIVE:

• Experience tours
• Advanced visualization
• “Art of the possible” analytics sessions
• “Learning journeys” for understanding emerging trends and solutions
• Design thinking
• Prototyping new solutions
• Outside-in collaboration with external partners and labs data sources

Today, we have hosted more than 2,700 visitors in HIVE sessions. Can’t make it to a Deloitte Greenhouse facility? Our HIVE sessions are also mobile! If you aren’t able to attend a session in a Deloitte Greenhouse, we would be happy to bring the event to you.

Analytics in action - What to expect from a visit to the HIVE