Customer analytics

Customer questions? Get answers with Ncyte from Deloitte Analytics

Deloitte Analytics can deliver insights to help you better understand your customers and markets – and serve them more effectively.

Companies of every size and shape wonder whether they’re getting maximum value from customer interactions. Even those that use customer analytics to drive sales and marketing decisions may be overwhelmed by the cost and complexity of too much data. Instead of actionable insights, they’re buried in facts and figures providing no clear prescription for improving customer strategies or outcomes.

Ncyte is Deloitte’s powerful managed-analytics solution that helps companies make smarter sales and marketing decisions across all channels, media and customer segments. Using proprietary data models, a patented algorithm enabling predictive analytics, Ncyte delivers actionable insights companies can use to engage with customers in an effective and meaningful way – to capture more value from each relationship.

From customer interactions to cross-selling tactics, from social media to traditional advertising, from mobile apps and web banners to in-store flyers and promotions, count on Ncyte to help you get smarter faster.