Canadian private companies – are you ready for the opportunity?

By Mike Runia, Managing Partner, Deloitte Private 

Deloitte Private has just released the first report of its kind, Global Perspectives for Private Companies. This report is a detailed look at what private company executives around the world are thinking and planning. And the findings reveal several trends that ought to have Canadian business leaders reflecting on their opportunities.

We found one out of every two global business leaders to be concerned about disruption, and over 50% of CEOs expect their business to be disrupted in the next three years. That’s a massive challenge and a real wake up call for Canada.

Business leaders need to embed disruption strategy into their organizations much faster.

No surprise, the report also outlines the view that globalization is occurring more rapidly than before. It’s here to stay despite political forces that may be opposed to it. At the same time, technology has achieved a far greater reach into the consumer space than ever before.

Together, these two forces represent a massive opportunity for Canadian companies. Deloitte’s report highlights current thinking on how technology can be used to give smart business leaders an advantage in this environment.

One other global trend worth mentioning is the strong confidence in the market, despite uncertainty around the US and UK at the moment. For Canadian business leaders, the time is right to think beyond our own landscape. The ability to reach and succeed in world markets has never been better.

I invite you to review this report today. You’ll find insights, and surprises, that will impact your strategic planning going forward. If you’re not thinking about these issues now, you can bet your competitors are. 

Our findings, at a glance

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