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Franchisee solution

ctrl by Deloitte is a cloud-based financial collaboration platform designed to meet the exacting demands of franchisees. ctrl’s advanced cloud accounting platform combines bookkeeping, easy online payroll, analytics, and advisory services into one seamless command centre, giving you the big picture and enabling you to connect multiple systems, automate your accounting, benchmark your performance, and improve your profit margins.

Manage your franchise, not your paperwork

With ctrl, all of your key services – such as bookkeeping, accounting, and annual filings – are taken care of by a real Deloitte professional, freeing you and your team to focus on profitability and make informed business decisions faster.


The ctrl technology platform pulls in and analyzes data from every source: point of sale, inventory and people management systems, payroll, supplier data, and more.


ctrl also comes with the services of a dedicated Deloitte advisor, giving you regular access to the same insight and experience our largest clients rely on.


ctrl’s cloud based accounting services scale as your franchise operation grows, even allowing you to draw on Deloitte’s other business lines, such as Tax or Consulting, as your needs expand.

Franchisee solution package

Your core online bookkeeping services plus the insights you can use to make smart, growth-oriented decisions. All billed at a no-surprises, affordable fixed monthly rate.

Solution includes:

  • Cloud based bookkeeping
  • Notice to reader or review engagement (financial statements)
  • Corporate tax return
  • Analytics and business insights
  • Franchisee-specific value add-ons
  • Cloud payroll services
From $750* per month

*We’ll determine overall pricing by transaction volume, services required, applications needed, and the complexity of your business.

+ more unique services specifically for franchisees

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