8 simple questions to help clarify, focus and succeed

Lessons from Canada’s Best Managed Companies

Put these eight simple questions to yourself and to everyone in your organization. That’s what Canada’s Best Managed Companies have done.

Thinking like one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies is surprisingly simple…and that’s what makes it so hard.

But simplicity leads to clarity. And clarity leads to focus which leads to success.

That’s what twenty-plus years of celebrating Canada’s Best Managed Companies teaches us in Power of the Best.
We'll show you how Canada's Best Managed Companies responded to their challenges with simplicity, discipline and focus and by asking themselves eight simple questions about innovation, talent, productivity and more.

They are tough questions but they may just simplify things for your organization. To see how a wide variety of companies have answered those questions — and prospered — view our Slideshare presentation today.

8 simple questions inspired by 20 years of celebrating Canada's Best Managed Companies from Deloitte Canada

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