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The thriving family enterprise

Your business is personal. Your advice should be Private.

With every challenge there is opportunity.

From planning for the first quarter to planning for the next generation, we understand that it requires focus to grow and protect the family enterprise well into the future. Because while you see the world at your feet, we see the journey ahead.

Are you leading with purpose?

Family enterprises represent the interconnected interests of family, ownership, and business. Thriving family enterprises lead with a purpose-led approach, raising the bar to achieve financial success and meet human, social, and legacy goals.

When it comes to your family enterprise, are you asking the questions?

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  • How do we achieve family harmony and promote business performance?
  • Do we have a clearly articulated and understood purpose for our family enterprise?
  • How do we structure our enterprise to meet family and business objectives?
  • How do we establish transparency and accountability in order to manage family dynamics through good and bad times?


  • How do we ensure the successful transition of business ownership, for both family and non-family management, across generations?
  • How do we guide and support our rising generation so that they succeed in their chosen endeavours?
  • How do we engage and empower the next generation?
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    • How can we build and protect the reputations of our business and family?
    • How do we prepare for and navigate unforeseen challenges?
    • How do we use technology safely?
    • How can we ensure compliance with the requirements of every country in which we reside, invest, and/or own property?


    • How do we reimagine our business to harness the power of technology?
    • How do we keep our organization lean, do more with less, and improve productivity?
    • How do we get relevant, timely information in order to make informed decisions?
    • How do we attract and retain the best talent inside and outside the family?


    • How do we stay ahead of disruptors and competitors?
    • How do we ensure our family and our business are positioned for success and will achieve our purpose?
    • How do we make the right inorganic growth choices?
    • How do we recognize, find, and access global opportunities?
    • How do we continue to meet our customers’ needs?


    • What capital needs will our family and business face in the short and long term?
    • How do we manage cash and/or debt to withstand market downturns and capitalize on market opportunities?
    • How do we set up and manage statutory obligations efficiently?


    • How do we create wealth outside the business?
    • How do we serve our community and contribute to causes that are important to the family?
    • How do we align family members’ investment strategies with our overarching family values and build a resilient portfolio?
    • How do we optimize our tax position across jurisdictions?
    • How do we protect and structure our wealth to meet our objectives and mitigate uncertainty?

    Bring your family and business goals together

    With trusted local knowledge, backed by our global network and deep sector expertise, we are uniquely positioned to bring the very best of Deloitte to your family enterprise. Our offerings are aimed to help you discover the key ingredients to create a resilient and harmonious family enterprise to stand the test of time. Learn how you can lead with purpose.

    Your resilient family enterprise

    Articles in the resilient family enterprise series examine how disruption brings new focus to family-business issues such as succession planning, values, purpose, legacy, and more, while exploring the traits that set family businesses apart are creating authentic opportunities for building resilience and enabling recovery and growth.

    Leading with trust

    Leading with trust to thrive in a disrupted market

    In these times of greater distance, working in a family enterprise means collaborating more than ever. And with this increased teamwork comes increased trust. But regardless of how you work—and with whom—when the company name is your name, trust is your most valuable asset.

    How can you lead with trust?

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    Mohamed Sheibani
    Mohamed Sheibani

    Partner, National Family Enterprise Leader

    Michelle Osry
    Michelle Osry

    Partner, Family Enterprise Consulting practice leader