Deloitte’s Family Office Consulting team helps high-net-worth families articulate and implement the goals for their family office, such as balancing the desire to preserve wealth for the generations to come with the income needs and ambitions of the current ones. The team can assist with the office’s design and setup, family education and communications, charitable planning and operations, business investment structuring, and much more.

Equipped with offerings designed specifically for high-net-worth families and their family offices, our experienced multi-disciplinary family office team has helped implement long-term wealth strategies and family office structures for families around the world.

We support high-net-worth families with the following services:

Family office labs

Our family office labs are designed to help families, family offices, and their executives create value both now and in the future.

The family office executive transition lab guides newly hired or newly promoted family office executives through the development of a practical plan to successfully transition into their role. The success plan is directly aligned with the family’s goals and aspirations.

The family office life events lab is specially designed to help the family and family office navigate major events associated with the family’s complex financial and personal challenges and opportunities.

The family office formation lab helps families and their trusted advisors identify and address the numerous considerations associated with forming or restructuring a family office. The lab provides a space to build consensus and make thoughtful decisions in an accelerated timeframe.

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Global Family Office Symposium

Our Global Family Office Symposium—ONLINE explores how families, as well as the offices that serve them, can build resilient structures and strategies to emerge from the current crisis.

In today’s environment, establishing and operating a family office—or expanding the services of an existing family office—requires careful analysis and planning to properly manage, protect, and grow a family’s wealth. Together, we can help high-net-worth families achieve their family office goals.

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