Deloitte x IBM Sustainability Solutions

Accelerate sustainable transformation

Whether you’re looking to set your strategy, embed sustainability into your operations and business model, or meet disclosure and regulatory requirements, Deloitte and IBM can help you accelerate your organization’s sustainable transformation. Explore the suite of integrated solutions built on GreenLight with IBM Envizi.

Where are you on your sustainability journey?

Wherever you are, we can help you move forward.

Establish and maintain emissions baseline

Set net zero strategy and goals

Develop and implement net zero roadmap

Monitor and report progress

Operationalize sustainability

Innovate new business models

Industry-leading capabilities address full client life cycle needs

Supply chain snags, rising costs, and extreme weather will continue plaguing the power and utilities sector. But promising trends in innovation and investment, buoyed by recent US IIJA and IRA legislation, empower the mission to provide increasingly secure, reliable, clean, and affordable electricity.

Potential benefits of IBM Sustainability Solutions

Streamline ESG data collection and reporting

Identify cost-effective sustainability investments that will yield the greatest ROI

Benefit from established sustainability management with years of experience

Rest assured with a scalable solution that can adapt to every stage of the journey


Explore the comprehensive suite of solutions built on GreenLight with IBM Envizi.

ESG data collection and reporting

  • Establish an emissions baseline
  • Set net-zero goals
  • Evaluate initiatives
  • Develop a road map
  • Generate a progress report to help create a course of action, make the business case, and establish an ESG system of record.

Deloitte has proprietary functionality and services to address regulatory sensing and compliance, tax optimization, abatement insights, and global scalability.

Integrated with:
IBM Envizi ESG Suite

Green facilities and operations

  • Create a lower-carbon footprint business
  • Use automation to track resource usage, reduce costs, and improve services

Integrated with:
IBM TRIRIGA Application Suite
IBM Maximo Application Suite

Green IT and cloud migrations

Measure, analyze, and manage resources to help ensure applications consume exactly what they need and no more.

Integrated with:
IBM Turbonomic

Sustainability optimization

Conduct emission planning and simulation, run optimization models, and carry out performance simulations to help meet sustainability goals and KPIs.

Integrated with:
IBM Planning Analytics

Value chain improvement

Help clients transform their end-to-end value chain by establishing and enriching transparency and traceability with data to reduce and improve both environmental and social impact.

Industry-specific solutions

Leverage Deloitte’s deep industry experience and aligned assets to set and achieve sustainability targets.

New business model development

Harness sustainability market opportunities with Deloitte’s experience to innovate new products and services, and to explore sustainable business models.

Solutions built on a foundation of trust and experience

Deloitte’s extensive experience in systems integration, transformation, and sustainability services make us an ideal companion on your journey to net-zero.


Kathy Kadoch

Kathy Kadoch

Kathy is a partner in the Consulting practice with over 25 years of experience. As an accomplished leader, she has worked on complex program delivery, operational transformations, and strategic leader... More

Sean Delsnider

Sean Delsnider

Centre for Climate Action

Sean leads Deloitte Canada’s Sustainability & Climate work to integrate innovative technology solutions into a comprehensive suite of offerings. He also works with clients on ESG strategy, climate ris... More