Aerospace and Defense 4.0: Capturing the value of Industry 4.0 technologies


Aerospace and Defense 4.0

Capturing the value of Industry 4.0 technologies

With some aerospace and defense organizations lagging in the adoption of Industry 4.0, what can aerospace and defense (A&D) companies do better to achieve digital transformation?

There is a clear and compelling case for A&D companies to leverage Industry 4.0 technologies and incorporate digital transformation throughout their organizations. Our research found that 84 percent of A&D executives consider adopting new digital technologies as key to market differentiation—yet only a quarter of the companies are deploying the tools and technologies.

This report outlines how A&D companies can leverage Industry 4.0 technologies and plan their digital transformation initiatives while learning the lessons other companies have learned in their journey in becoming digitally transformed enterprises.

Explore our report to understand the approach A&D companies should take to implement Industry 4.0 enterprise wide to drive long-term growth, innovation, productivity and higher efficiency.

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