Powering the future of mining


Powering the future of mining

From energy technology to core design

Declining ore reserves have been pushing mining companies to seek opportunities in ever-more remote locations while driving innovation across the industry. Greater transparency is demanded about the true social, economic, and environmental impact of sectors such as mining. And as leaders in the industry face this mix of challenge and opportunity, energy remains integral to the success and profitability of projects.

Developing the mines of tomorrow requires forward-thinking energy strategies and the integration of emerging energy solutions into today’s operations. The means are almost here: emerging, game-changing technological innovations are becoming more financially viable. There is opportunity for mining companies to reshape the way mines are designed and steer energy strategies toward broader transformational shifts.

Powering the future of mining: From energy technology to core design explores the current dynamics around energy and the barriers to successfully integrating energy technology, and offers solutions to leaders who are striving to shape the mine of the future.

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