Digital tools for sustainable manufacturing


Sustainable manufacturing

From vision to action

Since the dawn of the industrial age, manufacturers have been evolving and adapting in response to new technological innovations and changing market demands. Today, the industry is moving through another evolution, one that has sustainability at its center. Our research explores the opportunities that a more sustainable approach presents for the manufacturing ecosystem.

This report delves into five key areas of impact, where sustainable practices can drive measurable improvements across the manufacturing value chain, with real world examples shared throughout:

  • Engineering
  • Sourcing
  • Production
  • Transportation
  • Aftermarket

Only through concerted industry efforts, an acknowledgment that change is necessary, and a willingness to accept personal responsibility, can manufacturers begin to drive meaningful environmental improvements across the board.

Our Canadian perspective, Digital tools for sustainable manufacturing: Helping manufacturers, helping the planet, unpacks how manufacturers in Canada—especially those making industrial products—can bolster overall performance and competitiveness through smart technologies and greener energy. This article also showcases some of the initiatives that aerospace and high-tech firm CAE have introduced to become more sustainable and reduce their carbon emissions.

Digital tools for sustainable manufacturing: Helping manufacturers, helping the planet

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