The future of work in mining

What will jobs look like in intelligent mining operations?

The evolution of technology, from advanced data analytics to artificial intelligence (AI), has always had the potential to transform the mining industry by realizing operational efficiency improvements, enhancing productivity, improving safety performance, empowering employees to do more meaningful work, and allowing communities to be more prosperous.

To help mining clients prepare for this new normal induced by both the pandemic and the growing demand to reduce carbon impacts, we have developed personas for roles we deem important in unlocking the value of intelligent mining enabled through Nerve Centers:

  • Nerve Center orchestrator
  • Nerve Center data scientist
  • Integrated master scheduler
  • Team performance scientist

New personas added

  • Safety experience architect
  • Intelligent asset care lead
  • Specialist rock engineer
  • Operations SuperTeam lead

To better understand the roles of the individuals who will be interacting with exponential technologies in an intelligent mine, we explore the following different facets of these personas’ profiles:

  • Future roles and responsibilities within the Nerve Center
  • Skills needed to achieve new work outcomes
  • Relevant digital tools typically associated with intelligent mining and a Nerve Center
  • A glimpse into what a typical day in their lives could look like
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