Operations Excellence

Our approach

The Operations Excellence practice is committed to serving the operational needs of the energy and resource industry - with expertise straight from the field, global best practices spanning all industries and an integrated service offering that is unmatched.


Deloitte organizes our operations excellence practice into the following 8 pillars:

Sustainability addresses environmental and social issues through risk evaluation, reporting, assurance and stakeholder engagement.

Regulatory, safety and environment (RS&E) services help you effectively manage and meet compliance expectations in operational regulatory compliance, safety and environment.

Operations technology encompasses the intersection of enterprise technology, field operations and “big data,” with the intent to improve performance by leveraging large data sources and improve workforce productivity by giving workers access to the right information wherever they are.

Operational risk management (ORM) enables the management of key risks to optimized operational performance.

Operations management systems (OMS) provide a systematic, structured approach to operations, to achieve operating strategies, optimize assets and manage not just risks but also people and stakeholder expectations.

Field productivity is the pursuit of end-to-end process improvement efforts focused on increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of value-added activities (as defined by you) within any process, system, or value stream.

Operational readiness enables the successful delivery of an asset to achieve nameplate production as quickly and efficiently as possible. It features the reduction of construction errors, early establishment and understanding of operational requirements, and an integrated end-to-end perspective on inter-dependencies and responsibilities.

Asset management is a series of data-driven activities that assists organizations in realizing value from assets across their lifecycle while taking into account risk, financial performance and operational performance.

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Roland Labuhn

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