Oil and Gas

Deloitte’s Oil and Gas professionals work with clients to help maximize business potential across the full spectrum of the industry - from super majors and trading businesses to independents - to deliver services, perspectives and solutions that best suit the business and its people.


Pipeline 2020

Pipeline operators in Canada and the oil and gas producers are at a crossroads and the sector is hard pressed to sustain economic growth and improve operations. Can they do it? Yes, but only with investment in four key areas.


International Oil & Gas Tax Guides

Deloitte International Oil and Gas Tax Guides are an online series that provide information on tax regimes specific to the oil and gas industry.


Gaining ground in volatile times

Oil prices rise and inevitably fall, and companies finding themselves in the trough of this cycle once again need to remember yesterday if they are to effectively plan for tomorrow. After all, a well-articulated response will always distinguish the leaders.  What’s your response?


Equation Nord

Business development in northern Quebec comes with a certain number of risks. Discover 10 key business challenges related to the Equation Nord project.


Enhancing the CFO: The new imperative for oil and gas producers

We surveyed CFOs from many large Canadian upstream oil and gas companies. To read highlights of what we learned, download our report.

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