Economic outlook

A quarterly series on trends and events shaping Canadian and international economies, authored by Deloitte Canada Chief Economist Craig Alexander.

July 2019 - More than meets the eye

Deloitte Canada’s fourth quarterly economic outlook focuses on the key developments affecting global, US, and Canadian economies, and presents an updated economic and financial forecast for Canada. In the report, Craig Alexander, Deloitte Canada’s chief economist, explores the reasons for the continuing global economic slowdown and its implications for monetary policy and for the Canadian economy, which is seeing nascent signs of improvement after stalling for two consecutive quarters. Past weakness will curtail average annual growth in Canada to just 1.4 percent this year, with the economy expected to accelerate to 1.7 percent in 2020. The report argues that while the current economic environment is characterized by enormous risks, it also offers opportunities for those who stay informed and ready to adapt to evolving conditions.

Read the full report.

April 2019 - Shake, rattle, and stall

Our third quarterly Economic outlook depicts the contraction of world economic expansion and weakening of global trade, with the slowdown affecting both developed and emerging markets. In Canada, the economy slowed from 3.0 percent in 2017 to just 1.8 percent in 2018, stalling as the year ended. Craig Alexander, Deloitte Canada’s Chief Economist, says that while a significant rebound is unlikely and minimal economic growth is expected for 2019 and 2020, organizations that position themselves well can take advantage of what opportunities do open up.

View the full report here.

January 2019 - Dark clouds bring rougher seas

The second edition of Deloitte’s Economic outlook report forecasts the modest economic growth for Canada, slowdown of the US economy, threats to global growth and the cause of economic consequences.

Craig Alexander, Deloitte Canada’s Chief Economist and the author of the report, mentions storm clouds are gathering on the horizon in the form of key downside risks to the outlook, because of the negative impact of sustained lower level of oil prices, raise in the interest rate, UK exit from the European Union, Financial market volatility and the equity market weakness. View the full report here.

October 2018 - Singing the late-cycle blues

October 2018

The first quarterly Economic outlook report, authored by Deloitte Canada Chief Economist Craig Alexander, offers insights on the trends and events shaping Canadian and international economies. Craig argues that, because the North American economy is in the late stage of the business cycle with low unemployment and a long US equity bull market, the Canadian economy is at a crossroads.

The report summarizes the current economic outlook for Canada in the context of the US and other advanced economies, and draws conclusions based on factors such as trends in consumer spending, exports, interest rates and much more. View the full report here.

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