Regulatory realities amid M&A momentum

Rebound in M&A activity

In this paper, we provide an overview of local and worldwide conditions that can drive momentum in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) markets and describe the unique regulatory risks and political pressures that have been colouring the current boom in M&A activity. We also discuss five practical guidelines companies can consider to manage common political, regulatory, and consumer risks to these markets.

M&A markets: state of affairs

In a period of brisk M&A activity, it’s not unusual to experience regulatory obstacles and political pressures aimed at preserving competition and consumer interests. But amid present-day economic and societal disruptions, these forces have been prompting more stringent regulatory agendas and heightened economic patriotism.

The resulting scrutiny of trade, social, and environmental issues may also be affecting the ability to complete deals; as a result, leaders may need to plan their M&A strategies differently than they might have in past market cycles.

Regulatory realities amid M&A momentum

Explore five practical guidelines to help manage M&A activity in the face of potential regulatory intervention, political opposition, and even consumer and activist involvement.

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