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Unlock enterprise value

The Deloitte Turnaround offering quickly and comprehensively analyzes, triages, and reverses corporate value suboptimization or decline.

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It’s a new world

Rapidly changing markets, competition from non-traditional sources, and economic disruption arising from crises on a global scale are creating significant new challenges for Canadian companies and their boards. Organizations with entrenched or outdated business models may eventually face business failure. Even profitable companies that continue to succeed may find hitting performance targets and growing enterprise value harder to achieve than ever.

Why Deloitte?

Deloitte Turnaround works closely with boards and financial stakeholders to optimize their business for the long term. Whether your organization is under stress or operating somewhere short of peak performance, we can help:

Analyze trends, events, and areas of under­performance

Determining options and strategies for enhancing operations means analyzing underperformance as well as understanding market trends and events.

Roll out a sequence of timely, prioritized interventions

Speed is important but discipline is essential. In our triage phase, we rank and execute actions strictly in order of importance.

Reverse the systemic issues underlying sub-optimization or decline

In the end it’s about realizing the plan. We have the operational experience to get the job done.

Our objective is to provide the hands-on, practical assistance you require to reorganize operations, strengthen capital structures, and identify performance improvement opportunities.

The Deloitte Difference

With us, you’ll be collaborating with a unique Canadian-based turnaround specialist of exceptional scope, scale, and capacity. We deliver subject-matter proficiency in your specific industry, rooted in a deep understanding of Canadian business and the Canadian marketplace. With our operational experience and precise, sectoral focus and insights, we get to the answers to all the questions.

Your advantage: the sustainable resolution of your organization’s profitability issues and an enhancement of enterprise value.

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