Disputes and International arbitration

Drawing on our experience as expert witnesses and on our capabilities in financial analysis, damage quantification, and discovery, Deloitte gives you the insight and understanding you need to strengthen your case at all stages of a business dispute.

Litigation support

Providing insight and clarity to counsel

How can corporations manage effectively when there is ever-increasing litigation and complex business disputes? To prevail in this environment requires the skill of experienced litigators, supported by the meaningful financial and economic analysis of consulting professionals. Deloitte can offer this kind of support and clarity to your counsel, as well as help assess risk and damages exposure, perform financial analyses, and develop damages theories.

International arbitration

External expertise on matters of quantum

Deloitte's experienced international arbitration professionals can advise clients on a number of discrete issues. While legal counsel advises clients on arbitration strategy, we can provide external expert advice on matters of quantum to address issues such as:

  • How the alleged loss can be estimated
  • TWhether all potential losses have been identified
  • Whether any mitigating factors need to be considered
  • What evidence exists to support the claim
  • How the relevant data can be collected and analyzed
  • How the financial evidence is best presented in an independent expert report

Expert witness services

For litigation and dispute resolution

We have extensive experience in providing expert witness services as part of litigation or dispute resolution in all types of disputes and industries. Our team works directly with you and with law firms to provide independent, objective services to assess the quantum of a specific claim and, if necessary, to give evidence in cases of liability involving alleged accounting or audit negligence.

Class action and claims management

Experience, resources, and technology

The ultimate goal in any class action administration is to ensure claims are processed as accurately, consistently, and expeditiously as possible.But capacity constraints and conflicting requirements can plague this complex process, making proper design and execution essential to success. The more efficient the process, the lower the cost-and the greater the funds available for disbursement to the plaintiffs.

Deloitte provides an ideal combination of experience, resources, and technology to support all parties in implementing class action court orders.

Economic consulting

Advanced approaches to challenges

Deloitte professionals apply advanced economic, finance, and quantitative techniques to your business and legal challenges.

We can create strategies and provide expert testimony for government agencies, law firms, and corporations. Our professionals develop economic and statistical models and draw on advanced analytical tools to uncover patterns and correlations in complex data, and predict what is likely to occur in the future.

Key contacts

Gina Campbell

Gina Campbell

Partner, National Leader, Deloitte Forensic

Gina Campbell is a Partner and the National Leader of Deloitte Forensic. A forensic accountant by training, she conducts fraud and corruption investigations for both domestic and international clients... More

David Stewart

David Stewart

Partner, Deloitte Forensic

Dave is a partner and the national leader of Deloitte’s Analytic and forensic technology practice, which uses sophisticated technology methodologies at Deloitte’s National Analytic & Discovery Centre ... More

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