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IFRS 17 Insurance

IFRS 17, IASB’s new standard for insurance contracts, will come into effect January 1, 2023. Deloitte IFRS 17 specialists are committed to helping insurers of all sizes design pathways to implement the new standard. Unique facets of each company require different policy decisions and varying levels of automation—there is no one size fits all solution.

Speak with one of our accounting, actuarial, or technology industry specialists to develop a plan for navigating your IFRS 17 implementation pathway.






IFRS 17 Implementation Forum 2021

During this forum, we will share our insights on practical considerations, implications, and capabilities required to operationalize complex IFRS 17 functionalities required by P&C insurers.

Deloitte continues to support and advise the Canadian and Global Property & Casualty community. Whether you are well along on your journey or just starting out, our forum provides an opportunity to hear from your peer group and learn to overcome common implementation challenges to help you decide the right path forward for your organization.

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Deloitte’s Reporting Assist for IFRS 17

The Deloitte Reporting Assist is a cost-effective cloud-based solution to support P&C insurers in achieving efficiency and collaboration in the reporting process. The solution leverages existing actuarial and finance systems to prepare pro-forma financials as well as disclosures.

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Reporting Assist is powered by Workiva and offers solutions for both large and smaller insurers:

  • For PAA reporting, the solution bridges IFRS 4 and IFRS 17 with minor adjustments to existing actuarial and finance systems.
  • For more complex insurers, the solution connects with other IFRS 17 vendor solutions to accelerate production of statements and disclosures.

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